Smartboy Cart web site was closed by UGU.PL, we do not know why. So we move site to the new address http://www.smartboycart.com , the new website will enable new layout, and old pages of the site will be saved, continue to access able.
We will provide more information and services in new site.
We improved the design for smartboycart current, the new version has better quality. We also develop some new products.



We shipped a batch of parcels(smartboycart) in April, but stuck in customs again.
After negotiations with customs and we make unremitting efforts, these parcels have been back to regular transport process, all the tracking number is available online.

Thank godness!!!



Dear friends, the end of 2010, as the goods can not pass through customs, we have experienced the most difficult period. Dozens of sets of products can not reach the hands of customers which paid for Smartboy via Paypal, and we express extreme apologies.
currently that dozens of sets of goods being detained at customs have all been recovered, we will re-delivery all goods before march 30, all friends everyone will receive SmartboyCart before May 1 .
When we are sure that each customer receives the goods, we will re-open the PayPal-purchase-link on the home page.


A variety of reasons, SmartboyCart suspended sale.
About 20 days to restore sale supply.
All orders before 9 December are still valid and delivery will be succession.


[9-25-2010]Smartboy Cart in stock again !

Through unremitting efforts, we have solved the problem of shortage of components,SMARTBOY CART IN STOCK NOW !
PCB New version at present, better quality and stability, but no new features added.
The future, if out of stock again, we will temporarily cancel the buy-link on index page to avoid unnecessary trouble.


[8-5-2010]New PCB will arrive!
Smartboy Cart again in short supply recently, will arrive in mid-August and will use the new version PCB, more stable quality. For the most recent orders, we will be postponed to after new product arrive.


[3-18-2010]Problem has been resolved
In the March 11, we announced a problem the goods have been stranded at the customs, at present we have made contact with all nine buyers, and has already completed re-shipment or refund that all 9 goods and fully comply with the wishes of the buyers. Current has already begun shipping orders in March.
[3-11-2010]We Are Sorry!

Early February 2010, we have sent a batch of Smartboy products to buyers from around the world, but the shipment accidentally stuck in customs.

Resulted in about nine buyers still have not received the product ordered. At this point, we express our extremely sorry.

Because of this accident,We have to spent a lot of time and energy on check the whereabouts of the goods as well as communicate with Dissatisfied buyers.

As of early March, was finally confirmed these missing goods are still stuck in customs warehouse.

Currently we have contacted all been affected buyers, the request by the buyer to decide to re-shipment or a refund.

Smartboy Cart - Currently there are stocking, pre-orders will begin to ship.
Smartboy Cart is still available, but due to shortage of raw materials, so the Current Order deferred until the end of February shipments. we are sorry!
[9-12-2009] Handheld SEGA GENESIS Compatible Console On Sale!

Handheld Genesis Sample Video 1

- No need for the old SEGA Genesis Cartridge,Play thousands of downloadable Sega Genesis games by SD-Card.
- English Operating procedure
- Internal powerful hardware simlator of Genesis and handheld game controllers
- Easy installation:Connect the AV cable to TV and set to AV input mode
- Built-in 64M memory card,support external SD-card up to 4GB
- Use second game controller to play against other players
- Cable length: 190 CM
- Video Format: NTSC
- Power: 3*AA batteries(Not included)
- Compatible with SEGA genesis games Only

Price: $21.90 (Free shipping)

[9-12-2009]Smartboy Cart color case Ver. available!
[4-26-2009]Smartboy Cart packing box available!
[4-13-2009]Payment via PAYPAL available now!
Now,you can payment via paypal to buy smartboy cart.
Choose: See HOW TO BUY or Go to forum
[4-08-2009]2 theme wallpapers released, Download Update!
Smartboy cart is gbc development system with Built-in 32m bit programmable rom/1m bit sram and usb port connect to pc.

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